Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coffee Please

A new day dawns, but the sun stays hidden behind a heavy bank of clouds. Oh how I miss the sun. The feel of its warmth on my face as I bask in its glory, but no, there is no sun. Only an endless sky of grey. I can almost feel their giddy anticipation as they wait to expel their watery contents on the already flooded ground.

But the rain stirs my mind and I have a chance to produce. With yesterdays rain I had a chance to finish the second stage of the Mermaid Collection. First stage was the pencil sketches I posted before. The second stage was the line art done in ink. A painstakingly long task using various widths of ink. I think I used up at least four pens drawing the lines.

As much as I would like to begin stage three, adding color, I think I will spend majority of the day revising Soul of the Lost, and writing a paper for school. Stage three of the Mermaid Collection may begin this evening or tomorrow. Either way I have high expectations for the day. Lots of coffee and tons accomplished.

Stage 2 of Mermaid Collection:

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