Thursday, February 17, 2011

So busy

As much as I want to do the things I want to do, this class I am currently taking is kicking my butt! I haven't hardly had time to breathe, let alone create anything other than lesson plans. The only problem with this scenario is all of my creativity is being bottled up, and like a pop can dropped too many times on the ground I am ready to EXPLODE! My solution is to create a schedule; schoolwork on certain days and creative works on the others. I need an outlet and I have new commission pieces to complete along with the revisions to Soul of the Lost. Lots to do and the time is ticking away from me!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Light Box

Today I spent the day constructing a light box and taking pictures. This was a simple project and there are many different ways to construct a inexpensive light box. I am going to run through the how-to of how I built mine.

Clear Rubbermaid type Box
Tissue Paper
Clear Tape
Work Lights (the ones with the rims on them and clamp) -2 to 3 lights

Step 1: Light Diffusing
The purpose of the light box is to diffuse the light to take the glare off of the object of your photography, and light up the item from all sides. I taped tissue paper on all sides of the clear rubbermaid type box so that there was more for the light to filter through. And so that when I take the picture of my item you cannot see any of the objects through the box.

Step 2: Light Location
I placed one light directly above the box, and another along one side. The store I bought my lamps from only had two, when I have a chance I will go back to pick up one more lamp to place on the other side of the box, so I have light coming from 3 directions. I used 100 watt bulbs. You don't want to shine the light straight onto the object as that completely negates the purpose of diffusing the light.

Step 3: Take picture
I like to use a tripod. Setting my camera at macro, and non flash I use the 2 second delay and take several shots from different angles.